DPS 4.48.0000




Development Programming System (DPS)

DPS Release Version 4.48.0000

(1) Added new set MEC to 0 archives for VIP.

(2) Added new erase SBAT DID F0F8 bin file.

(3) License verification enhancements.

(4) Added new help links, new Get Status window to interrogate DPS system status.

(5) Minor bugfixes.

DPS Release Version 4.47.0000

(1) Changed RID 020E payload from FF 00 00 to FF FF FF.

(2) Added new PEC errors.

(3) Interpreter enhancements.

DPS Release Version 4.46.6000

(1) Changed GEM and Global B “Protocol and Communication Settings” to include selections for with and without Gateway.
Partial Network Wakeup messages will only be sent out when the user selection indicates that there is No Gateway.

(2) For Global B communications on a vehicle ‘with a Gateway’ (CGM), DPS will could wait up to 20 seconds for ECUs to wake up.
During the wait, the mapping matrix may be rebuilt 3 times until conditions are optimal.

(3) Inclusion of support for Global B DoIP with respect to Sequential Programming.

(4) Inclusion of support for Global B DoIP with respect to SuperSession Table (SST) programming.

(5) Key Provisioning: Eliminated superfluous Extended Diagnostic Session request (10 03) prior to writing ECU slot data to reduce the amount of IECS server requests.

(6) UDS Op Code 01 – Inclusion of Ethernet Routing Subnet setting via AC2 parameter (DoIP).

(7) Sequential Programming will continue on even if one of the sequenced events fails.

(8) Miscellaneous other updates:
– Minor UI changes.
– Changed certain timing parameters to encourage successful communication.
– Added very small delay around tester present messages for Class 2 protocol.
– Fixed a minor bug in the UART interpreter.
– Minor enhancements to the GMLAN interpreter.
– (Type4 Developers) Fixed a bug in which spawning a Type 4 could result in an incorrect CAN FD variant.
– Attempting to unlock a GMLAN ECU via the DVT security Levels 03/04 in DPS will result in a fatal error. DPS does not support DVT Unlock.
– DIMSUM UDS, change m_P2cTimeout from 150ms to 500ms (stability).

DPS Release Version 4.45.3000

(1) Added new certificate search criteria for certificate installation notifications.

DPS Release Version 4.45.2000

(1) Fixed a bug causing dubious results during super session events.

DPS Release Version 4.45.1000

(1) Fixed a bug causing 5-byte unlock to fail for new DPS users.

DPS Release Version 4.45.0000

(1) Fixed a 5-byte security DLL reference issue with GMLAN protocol (Get Controller Info).

(2) Created new license and certificate installation process.

(3) Data log file updates for GM UDS Unlock and Key Provisioning IECS functionality.

(4) Modified Key Provisioning logic to support ECUs that have uninitialized KP slots.

(5) OpCode updates based on the current (2019) Interpreters (utility file) document: GM UDS OpCodes $2E, $31 and $02 (new). Common OpCode $60 (placeholder).

(6) Add support for reading (Get Controller Info) and writing (ECU Bypass Ticket) for SBAT Installer GM UDS DID $F0F8.

DPS Release Version 4.44.0000

(1) Upgraded the DPS build environment.

(2) Improved new version checking.

(3) Minor bug fixes.
DPS Release Version 4.42.4000

(1) Ethernet stack J2534 TxDone indication Handling is not correct

(2) Wake-up Ethernet sub nets RID $020E with 0xFF
DPS Release Version 4.42.1000

(1) Fixed a DPS problem where DPS was not setting the “CAN_ID_BOTH” flag when calling the J2534 PassThruConnect function.

(2) DPS (4.42) was recently changed to support sending 11-bit CANID (network management) messages in addition to 29-bit CANID messages when the CGM is not identified on the link.

(3) A few J2534 tools did not have a problem with DPS not setting this flag (default is “both”); however, other tools do require DPS to set this flag appropriately.
DPS Release Version 4.42.0000

(1) Ethernet – Added support for IPv6

(2) Ethernet – Added Vehicle Selection Pop-up when connected using infrastructure mode (The Vehicle is on a NETWORK)

(3) J2534 Passthru – Corrected Error Code Descriptions

(4) Updated DPS Help Information to be more current

(5) Added a feature to periodically check the DPS portal for new DPS releases

(6) Bug Fix – Clear Default Device Check box is hidden

(7) Bug Fix – Resolved a communication problem when using CAN7 (pins 1/9) for the GM UDS protocol (GEM / Global B).

(8) Bug Fix – Fix response processing issue with GM UDS (GEM / Global B) for the All Nodes $10 $01 request (DiagnosticSessionControl – defaultSession).

(9) CAN/CANFD Network Management Wake-up – Added a featured to automatically send network management messages wake-up all Partial Networks. This feature is enabled if the CGM (Global B) or Firewall (GEM) are not detected on the network.

(10) Key Provisioning – Executed RID 0x02C3 After a successful key write, to command the ECU to save the keys to permanent memory

(11) Key Provisioning – Sorted the ECU provisioning list by diagnostic address prior to installing keys. (ascending order). This change makes the execution sequence deterministic.

(12) Key Provisioning – Added uniformity to error messages

(13) Key Provisioning – When running in standalone mode, the provisioning sequence no longer termainates for a No Reply or negative response error.

(14) J2534 Passthru – Changed “Device Not Supported” String to “Contact Device Manufacture for Technical Support”

(15) Ethernet – Support for Link Local IP Addresses
DPS Release Version 4.41.1000

(1) DPS – Release Notes are incorrect

(2) DPS – IECS DLL Incorrect Version used in Build

(3) DPS – Key Provisioning – No longer executing as designed

DPS Release Version 4.41.0000

(1) Add Supersession support for GB/GEM (UDS); CAN and CANFD.

(2) Miscellaneous minor enhancements and software bug fixes

(3) Integrate J2534 Wrapper into DPS

(4) Get Controller Information over DoIP

(5) Cleanup delivery file set

(6) Get Controller Info – MEC Counter

(8) Enhance Software Maintenance Utility Functionality

(9) Remove support for J2534 versions prior to 0404

(10) DPS GetControllerInfo(GCI) for GM UDS displays labels and editboxes for undefined DIDs.

(11) Define requirements for a DLL for DPS (at runtime) to determine the latest released version.

(12) DPS License Installer – File Path.

(13) Registry ‘OPTIONS’ reinitialized to default values.

(14) Windows Error closing GCI dialog.

(15) Save Startup Default – Long J2534 Name.

(16) DPS – DoIP support for SBAT Installation.

(17) DPS – Key Provisioning over DoIP.

(18) DPS Auto Repeat Mode / VIT2 Populated – Data Logging Problem.

important : It may be necessary to turn off antiviruses on some devices or put Software files in the excluded files list


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