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Introducing Hextec Editor Software (I am the Developer),
the ultimate Toyota and Lexus editor designed to edit bin files with ease. Our software comes with a wide range of powerful features,
including DTC removal, speed limit removal, RPM limitation, automatic file recognition, and special functions to disable various systems
such as the CAT, EGR, DPF, Adblue/SCR system, SAP, AGS (Active Grille Shutter) and EVAP.

Our software is designed to support both old and new models, including Diesel, Petrol, and Hybrid engines.
We support the following ECU models: Delphi ECU, Denso Gen1, Denso Gen2, and Denso Gen3.
Our software supports various file sizes, including 256kb, 320kb, 368kb, 384kb, 496kb, 736kb, 992kb, 1mb, 1.28mb, 1.5mb, 2mb, 4mb, and more.
Hextec editor is extremely user-friendly and has been tested on Windows 7, 10, and 11 with no issues.
You can rely on Hextec Editor to make your editing process smooth and hassle-free.

Pricing is as follows:

One-year subscription: $260 (PayPal fee included).
This license grants you the right to use Hextec Editor on one computer and includes free updates
and support throughout the year. Renewal after the first year costs $60 per year.

Order now and start enjoying the benefits of Hextec Editor!

*In case anyone is wondering about the differences between Hextec Editor and other software such as Toyolex3, here are a few key points:

– Hextec Editor supports almost 100% of all DTCs as listed in the ECU, especially the latest models in Gen3. We can provide a file to compare with Toyolex3 or other software if needed.
– DTCs are listed with both the old SAE DTC and the new DTC # (such as P002313), making it easy for the user to identify the correct one.
– DTCS are listed with their description.
– Hextec Editor supports Delphi ECU and DELPHI R5E72546R (SH-2A), which other software does not.
– Speed limitation feature almost fully supports all Denso Gen ECU models, even for Gen3.
– We also have an RPM limitation feature.
– We plan to release a special function for Tuning Stage 1 in the near future.

It’s important to note that I am only working myself on this project from scratch,
spending months, days, and hours to make it the best it can be. I understand that nothing is 100% perfect,
but I strive to provide the best possible support and service to our customers.

Please support me in my mission to create the ultimate Car editing software.

I will share some pic, videos, and also contact details:


Whatsapp Number : +212763379955

E-Mail : info_business@ik.me


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