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Toyolex3 V3


– Supports Generation 1, 2 and 3 files from Toyota and Lexus Denso ECUs for DTC erase function and special
functions, on Diesel, Gasoline and Hybrid engines.

– New algorithm that recognizes Generation 3 DTC tables structure embedded in Denso Generation 2 files.

– Added new algorithm that allow DTC erase function also on Hybrid engine vehicles.

– Adblue / SCR System disable function.

– DieselParticulate Filter [DPF] disable function for all Denso Generations ECUs.

– Vehicle speed limiter [Vmax] correction function for 1GD-FTV, 2GD-FTV, 1KD-FTV and 2KD-FTV Diesel engines.

– Catalyst System [CAT – Lambda sensor] disable function for 1GD-FTV and 2GD-FTV diesel engines.

– Catalyst System [CAT – Lambda sensor] disable function for all gasoline engines.

– Exhaust Gas Recirculation [EGR] disable function.

– Intake Manifold Valve [IMV] disable function.

– Intake Manifold Runner [IMR] disable function.

– Immobilizer disable function [IMMO OFF] on 1KD-FTV, 2KD-FTV, 1GD-FTV and 2GD-FTV with Denso GEN 2 ECUs .

– Automatic file Generation recognition feature that simplifies the selection process of the function to launch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What generations of Denso ECUs does ToyoLex 3 support?

A: ToyoLex 3 supports binary files of all 3 generations of Toyota and Lexus Denso Engine Control Units on the market, gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines.

Q: Which flash tools support files from?

A: ToyoLex 3 supports binary files from the following flashing tools:

– New Trasdata.
– New Genius.
– Kess.
– BitBox.
– VF 2 Flasher.
– Flex by Magic MotorSport.
– ECUF Flasher by Alex.
– PCM Flasher.
– Toyota Lexus ECU Flasher.

Q: ToyoLex 3 works with a physical interface?

A: ToyoLex 3 is an application whose function is to automatically edit binary files from ECUs, therefore it does not require any interface.

Q: Does ToyoLex 3 support .CUW calibration files?

A: ToyoLex 3 supports only binary files (.bin). We offer a .cuw to .bin file conversion service if necessary.

A: The key to activate the application will be available in your email account within 2 working days.

Q: What family of microcontrollers does ToyoLex 3 support?

A: ToyoLex 3 supports binary files from the following microcontrollers:

– Denso Generation 3: R7F701202 AND R7F701216 (4Mb Flash).
– Denso Generation 2: D76F0199GD (1.25Mb Flash), D76F0196F1 (1.5Mb Flash), D76F0219F1 (2.0Mb Flash).
– Denso Generation 1: NEC 76F00XX series (368 Kb, 512 Kb, 736 Kb, 768 Kb, 992 Kb, 1Mb Flash).

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