BTT EWS Deleter




Easily Remove EWS or CAS From ECU Files

Designed specifically for tuners and those who offer file services. This tool allows you to easily disable and delete EWS IMMO from BMW DME BIN files. Simply drag and drop your BIN to disable EWS or CAS. The file is automatically detected, EWS removed, and saved for your convenience.

All checksums automatically corrected.

Unlimited file use

For individuals who many not need all of these options, our flash tools are also capable of disabling EWS on individual ECU models at a lower cost.

Supported BMW binaries:

MS41 Tune/Full Dump
MS42 Full Dump
MS43 Full Dump
MS45 Full Dump
ME7.2 Full Dump
ME9.2 EK924 Full Dump
ME9.2 EK928.0 Full Dump
MSS50 Tune/Full Dump
MSS52 Tune/Full Dump
MSS54 Tune/Full Dump
MSS54hp Tune/Full Dump
MSS54hpCSL Tune/Full Dump
MSS70 Full Dump
MSV70 Full Dump
MSS60 Full Dump
MSS65 Full Dump
DDE4 (EDC15C BMW) Full Dump
ME17/MED17/MEV17/MEVD17/EDC17 Type Full Dump

Note: CAS equipped vehicles can have the DME swapped, but CAS module must remain in place because it controls other parts of the vehicle.


1License For 1Computer

important : It may be necessary to turn off antiviruses on some devices or put Software files in the excluded files list


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